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Suburban Endocrinology offers patients with insulin-dependent diabetes a comprehensive insulin pump program. An insulin pump replaces the need for multiple insulin injections throughout the day by providing a continuous dose of insulin throughout the day through a catheter. Instead of taking multiple injections a day, the pump emits insulin continuously and covers meal intake with extra doses, similar to the way the human pancreas works.

Advantages of an insulin pump:

  • Eliminates multiple injections
  • More flexibility in what and when you eat and more flexibility with changes in activity
  • Tighter control; fewer swings in blood glucose levels, fewer long term complications
  • Better predictability and more accuracy than injections
  • Many patients report preferring an insulin pump rather than giving themselves multiple injections throughout the day.

Disadvantages of an insulin pump:

  • Requires training and takes some time getting used to using
  • May cause weight gain
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